SoftForte, Inc.

About Us


SoftForte is an organization uniting free thinkers and dreamers who at the same time firmly stand on their feet. The goal of SoftForte as a workplace is to foster innovation and creativity while never compromising on quality. Inspiration is an essential driving force at SoftForte.

Our Values

  1. Commitment to quality of our work and to promises we make. This is the foundation.
  2. Focus on customers. No matter what we do, we never lose our end goal: value to our customers.
  3. Passion for technology. We enjoy knowing and learning technology deeply and thoroughly.
  4. Constant self-improvement. We are never satisfied enough with where we are at.
  5. Innovation. We believe that new ideas and critical thinking are golden. They drive us forward.

Management Team

Ivan Neganov, founder and CEO

Ivan Neganov, founder and CEO

Ivan is one of the most accomplished Internet technology architects in Canada with 20 years of experience helping Canadian Fortune 500 companies to advance new technology solutions to their customers and employees. Ivan has taken critical roles on various software projects in government, financial and engineering sectors, acting as a technology enthusiast and champion of following software development and project management best practices.

Ivan’s ability to envision beyond the scope of a specific project and to combine technology expertise with understanding of business objectives was essential in helping his customers get the maximum value out of their IT investments.

Ivan holds several Microsoft technology certifications and a Masters of Science Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Moscow State University of Aerospace Technology. You may read Ivan's technology blog here.